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The Nosh of Beverly Hills

Deli Sandwiches


An attractive array of large deli sandwiches sliced in 1/2s or 1/4s, lettuce and tomatoes added upon request. 

Includes pickles, condiments and an array of freshly baked breads.
Priced per person (5 person minimum)

Meats/Veggies (choose at least 1):Turkey Chicken Breast Corned Beef Pastrami Smoked Turkey Roast Beef Turkey Pastrami Ham Italian Salami Hard Salami Tuna Salad Light Tuna Salad Chicken Salad Egg Salad Curry Chicken Salad Chopped Chicken Liver Vegetarian
Sides (choose up to 2):Coleslaw Potato Salad Macaroni Organic Green Salad (counts as 2)
Add Ons:Lettuce Tomato