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The Nosh of Beverly Hills

Build Your Own Scramble/Omelet


Free-range eggs (3) with choice of potatoes, tomatoes, cottage cheese or organic green salad and bagel or bread*

Scramble/Omelet Extras (Optional):Substitute Fruit +$1.79Egg White +$1.39Add Egg +$1
Protein (Optional):Bacon +$2.59Corned Beef +$2.59Sausage +$2.59Pastrami +$2.59Chicken Apple Sausage +$2.99Turkey Sausage +$2.59Ham +$2.59Chicken Breast +$2.59Ground Turkey +$2.59Salami (Kosher or Italian) +$2.59Roasted Turkey Breast +$2.59Smoked Salmon +$5.49
Cheese (Optional):Swiss +$1.29Muenster +$1.29Jack +$1.29Cheddar +$1.29Mozzarella +$1.29American +$1.29Feta Crumbles +$2Goat Cheese +$2
Veggies:Tomatoes +$1.29Broccoli +$1.29Green Peppers +$1.29Onions +$1.29Mushrooms +$1.29Scallions +$1.29Red Pepper +$1.29Spinach +$1.29Jalapeños +$1.29Avocado +$2.29
Veggies (Optional):Tomatoes +$1.29Broccoli +$1.29Green Peppers +$1.29Onions +$1.29Mushrooms +$1.29Scallions +$1.29Red Pepper +$1.29Spinach +$1.29Jalapeños +$1.29Avocado +$2.29