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These are the commitments we abide by to ensure quality.

The Ten Commitments

Don’t Worry, Be Hungry

 Our free-range Turkey and Whole Chicken are all-natural, without hormones or antibiotics

 Our Roast Beef and Brisket are USDA Prime meat

 Our Ground Beef is 100% grass fed and kosher

 Our Meats and Turkey are roasted daily and sliced to order

 Our Bacon and Smoked Salmon are all-natural with no sodium nitrate

 Our Tuna is line caught and sustainable

 Our Milk, Cream Cheese, and Organic Yogurt are hormone (rBGH) free

 Our Bagels and Pastries are baked in-house with 100% non-GMO flour

 Our Cooking Oils are 100% trans-fat free

Our Hummus and Falafel are prepared in-house and organic

 Our Soups are prepared with organic split peas and organic barley

 Our Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are free-trade and 100% organic

To Order:

Call 310-271-3730


Delivery/Pickup Hours: 7am to 9pm